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We are Stephen Carafone and Nick Bachelder. We host the EmptySpacePodcast in hopes of helping end the stigma around mental health. Focused on pop punk music, in each episode we breakdown how music and our minds correlate, talk about our own personal mental health experiences and dive into lyrics and what they mean to us. We here at EmptySpacePodcast just want people to know it's okay to not be okay. With the suicide rate being at 132 humans a day, we hope our words, stories and music can help make a difference, even if it is just one persons life. We hope you join us in our mission to the moon.

Pop Punk Ska Mental Health Podcast

Empty Space Podcast Interview | Mental Health, Pop Punk, Boston & Friendship

March 14, 2023

Steven and Bach host the Empty Space Podcast, a show dedicated to exploring the power of music, mental health, and positivity through interviews with great pop punk bands. In this interview: We’re huge fans of the band Ke…