Matthew Rix

Dreams Into Reality

Music Business A&R Meeting/workshop

This exclusive event is only available to 15 artists for each “meeting” 

What will happen is a hands on meeting where former A&R Director, Matthew Rix will work directly with you in a group setting to take your career to the next level and give you the resources to leave the meeting and take your career to the next step.

This event is only available to 15 Artist in every city. 

When you attend the meeting you will receive the following
*Song appearance on our city compilation. Exclusive to artists that attend the meeting.
*Payment for your song to appear on our compilation
*3 months free to the Music Business Success Formula program
*Industry connections in your city
*20 years of A&R experience and strategies to learn from
*A success coach (exclusive to compilation artists)
*Hands On Coaching that day from Matthew Rix.