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Matthew Rix

Matthew Rix

America’s Music Industry Success Coach


As an impressionable youth, Matthew Rix read the description of the word mogul to his mother from the dictionary while working on a school project. This word inspired him to continue to challenge himself and make his dreams his reality. His humble beginnings and journey through life represent the heart and soul of what true hard-work is. Rix was born into a family that dominated the entertainment industry. He was quickly taught that through hard work, determination and believing in his ability, he could help the future artists and leaders of the entertainment industry. Those who have had the chance to hear his story through his speaking engagements would say that he is humble, down to earth, and 100 percent brutally honest with his attendees.


The Mattrix Minute, a multi-platinum music business audio series is in its fourth season. His worldwide speaking engagements will have him speaking in 4 continents this year. The list of companies that he is partnering with to help change has continued to grow, and now with the reality show, The Mogul, slated for a 2019 Pilot, Rix shows no signs of slowing down.


On the Mattrix Minute: Matthew presents a daily dose of information that was originally created with the mindset of helping emerging artists in the music industry to create a road map for their careers. Within a few months there were over 3 million sales. It became obvious that the information provided in the Mattrix Minute was being utilized by people from all different avenues. Music industry, start up's, professional speakers and other industries were starting to tune into the series on a daily basis. As of 2019 the Mattrix Minute has served listeners in over 61 countries, with 14 million sales and streams.


On The Mogul, Matthew will lend his business expertise to struggling businesses in various industries across America while using his feisty approach to business and the people behind the company that resembles his unique style of doing business, with his People First - Profits Second approach.  Matthew will analyzes every business by the quality of people, whether they have a relevant product, and the best possible process for creating, delivering, and selling that product. Matthew’s approach of tough love will be displayed so they can use the experience to inevitably succeed in pursuing their dreams.


Matthew was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1981; As a young child, he was exposed to positive and prosperous business values by a family made up of entertainment professionals. His mogul spirit bloomed at age 14 while he was home schooled by his parents, at that time he was hired to host an Alternative Rock show every Saturday night on the Way FM Radio Network in Nashville, Tennessee, he accepted the job in order to generate a name for himself in the music industry. He then dropped out of high school at the age of 16 to start his career at Benson/BMG/Jive Records as a Radio Promoter and Regional Promotions Coordinator. He went on to tour with such notable artists/tour as Jeremy Camp, Kutless, Linkin Park, OzzFest, Skillet, VAST and dozen more. His time served in A&R for Warner Brothers Records, Sony Music Group and various indie labels saw him work with notable artists as Bob Carlisle, MercyMe, MuteMath, P.O.D., R.Kelly, The Fray and the list continues. His work has been featured on networks and shows including ABC, BBC, CNN, Fox News Channel, Good Morning America, and hundreds of radio stations around the world.


It was a conversation with friend and former artist that Matthew had signed to a recording contract, John Clark, who advised him to get into the entertainment coaching industry. This conversation put him on the path to currently holding the title of America’s #1 entertainment coach for artists, entrepreneurs and industry leaders.


Matthew has been recognized for having “more impact on the emerging entertainment industry than any single individual or company in recent memory as an agent of change and insight.”