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Dreams Into Reality

31 Days to the Career You Crave!

Everyone waits until January 1st to attempt to break bad habits, get back into the gym, refocus their priorities, etc. While everyone is getting started, my obsession will be for you to already be on the path to having the career you ultimately deserve and desire!

I am offering you a free resource that will help you launch your career into the new year! It is a 31 day program to get your attitude, beliefs, and vision in alignment for ultimate success.

Starting on December 1st, I will be your personal coach for 31 days with a daily road map to get your belief on track to take on the new year.

Here's my role to serve you:

Every day starting on December 1st you will receive an email with two links. The first link will be where you can listen to the “Daily Crave”. This will be my challenge and insight for you for that particular day. This isn’t to get you pumped up and feeling positive, this will be your daily power question to help align your beliefs as you move forward in your career.

The second link will be for your daily journal with a question of the day to answer. These answers will not be published but I will do follow up which each artist that consistently does their daily task.

Each day should take 5-10 minutes to listen to the track and answer the questions.

Your role:

Commit to doing this for the full 31 days and commit to playing full out!

If success was as simple as posting a tweet, sending a link, or creating a page then everyone would be successful. Success isn’t a talent. It’s a mindset. Will you prepare yourself daily for success? Will you commit to 31 days to having the career you crave?

Until your next breakthrough


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